Cole Camp R-1 School District

Directory listing of high school staff members
Name Title/Area of Instruction Email Address
Brandon Harding Principal
Marilyn Howard Secretary
Lori McCullough Counselor
Ami Schlesselman Special Services Director
April Godwin Librarian
Tamala Heimsoth School Nurse
Diana Ball Social Studies
Maria Lytle Language Arts
Carrie Homan Social Studies
Bridget Dieckman Math
Margaret Schmitz Math
Donna Smiley Practical Arts/Vocational
Dama Cooper Practical Arts/Vocational
Stephanie Pate Art
Anthony Fierstos Spanish
Daria Kim Drama/Speech/Language Arts
Brittney Latham Language Arts
Todd Rusk Science
Daniel Waller Science
Andrew Fischer Band
Julia Gardino Encore, Mixed Choir, Guitar
Jared Espey Credit Recovery/ISS
Jake Montemayor Vocational Agriculture
Jean Reed Special Services
Michael Schwartz Special Services