Cole Camp R-1 School District



Parenting Tips--This site offers various articles on different subjects such as bullying, shyness, overcoming school anxiety.  Click on the link to access: 


Anxiety--These sites have information on causes, types, and ways to handle anxiety.  There are tools to use within the home and school. The kids health website also has a wide range of information on physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens. 


Love and Logic--Jim Fay's website on the "program" Love and Logic.  This deals with issues such as parenting, discipline, logical consequences, and more.


National Association of School Psychologists--This site has an index on various topics dealing with school and home behaviors and much more.


Parent Smart--This is a search engine to help parents locate information on a variety of topics by simply typing in key words.


Internet Safety--Information and tips on how to stay safe while on the internet.




Taliking with kids about tough issues--This site has great tips on how to talk with your children about tough issues.